What is Supported Independent Living

You can live independently at home with the help of a support worker. The service is known as supported independent living and it’s a great way to learn new skills and become more confident in your own abilities. It’s also a good option if you can’t get around easily and need someone to help you with daily tasks like shopping, cooking and cleaning.

supported independent living Sunshine Coast is a type of home and living support that’s funded through the NDIS. This funding is for people with a disability who are looking to get some help in their day-to-day lives, such as helping with meals or washing. It’s usually offered in a shared accommodation arrangement and it’s often a better choice for people who have more complex needs and require more active help throughout the day.

The NDIS will assess you to see if you’re eligible for this service. It will take into account your current level of day-to-day support, your preferences and potential alternative options. For example, if the NDIA believes that home modifications would achieve similar outcomes to SIL then they may fund those instead of SIL.

When SIL is approved, the NDIA will send you to a provider that can best suit your needs. You’ll work with them to develop a Roster of Care and Service Agreement which will outline how the service works. This will include the types of supports you’ll receive, their cost and how long they’ll last.

A good SIL provider will always put your well-being first. They’ll make sure your home environment is safe and functional and encourage you to get out and socialise with others. They’ll also help you make healthy decisions about your lifestyle and give you the tools to reach your goals.

The NDIA also funds other home and living supports that can help you maintain your independence in your own home. These can include things like mobility aids, home modification and assistive technology. You can find out more about these supports by reading our detailed guide to supported independent living.

IN home health care is a form of home health care that’s delivered by an approved Medicare-registered agency. The agency can help you with medical needs such as blood pressure monitoring and medication management. They can also check your temperature and pulse, and give you advice on how to improve your health at home.

In home health care can also help you with everyday tasks, such as shopping or taking you to the doctors. They can even teach you how to do simple exercises that can help you with your movement and balance. They’ll also teach you how to prepare food and keep your home clean. The agency you choose to provide IN home health care will work with your doctor or allowed practitioner to create a plan of care that’s reviewed regularly. They’ll also coordinate your care with any other healthcare providers you have, such as physiotherapists or psychologists.

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