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If you are being accused of misconduct in violation of school’s Code of Conduct then a Title IX Lawyer Spartanburg with experience can help. A strong defense strategy can help you reduce the severity of your disciplinary sanctions and even clear your name.

Defendants who are accused of sexual assault or harassment in Title IX may be at risk of numerous collateral consequences. This includes a negative impact on academic and career prospects. They may feel an emotional burden they cannot bear and can become isolated socially (especially during the most critical years of their childhood).

Title IX hearings and investigations are conducted under a “preponderance or the evidence” standard. This is a far different standard than the criminal justice systems rule of “beyond the reasonable doubt.”

Recipients of federal financial assistance can be held liable for Title IX violations, including discrimination based on sex. In Gebser, the Supreme Court explained that federal financial aid recipients have an affirmative obligation of adopting and maintaining procedures for promptly and fairly redressing complaints alleging discrimination due to sex.

A recipient who violates Title IX has the right to file an Administrative Complaint with the agency. The complainant may also pursue a private suit against discriminating parties in civil lawsuits that allow for recovery of monetary damages. The choice between filing an administrative complaint and a private lawsuit is up to the complainant, who should seek the advice of an attorney early on in the process to weigh their options.

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