NEST CASA celebrates Women’s History Month with its founder Sara Colombo

An incredible journey that inspires women of today and tomorrow

NEST CASA celebrates Women’s History Month with a tribute to its founder Sara Colombo, who shares her inspiring journey of exquisite taste and business acumen.

Sara Colombo made an international name for herself as a successful model who traveled the world and ruled the catwalks. Her travels also gave her the opportunity to develop a refined taste for interiors and accessories. Settling in Paris and London, she became acquainted with the aesthetics and workmanship of beautiful European interiors, furniture and decorations.

It later became the inspiration for her home with husband and developer Ugo Colombo and of course IN THIS HOUSE, which became a household name for both interior designers and homeowners. The brand has evolved into a unique design leader in the industry, known for their unique upholstery, custom finishes, custom sizes and delivering on the promise of individualized desires from their customers.

NEST CASA – Sara Colombo

Sara Colombo has raised the bar for the interior design industry with her unique and stunning masterpieces that have become must-haves for homeowners today. She is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Cushman School in Miami. She has also been active at Best Buddies International for several years and has given her illustrious hat many feathers.

Your NEST CASA has become the leading source for stunning European home decor and exquisitely crafted accessories. Manufactured in Italy, South America, Belgium, etc., its high-end items embody luxury for customers’ homes. Some of the options available in the collection include Baobab candles who have made a name for themselves with people all over the world. They are encased in mouth-blown containers and decorated with unique patterns.

Packed with rich scents and colors, these candles transport people to Africa with their authenticity and attention to detail. There are many such beautiful items available for customers who want to raise the bar with their home decor. Every little detail and touch of a home can make a huge difference to its overall appearance. And the design leader has it all covered for its customers around the world.

His collection includes the Hermes Blanket, which is nothing less than a work of art. The blanket brings the quality of one of the most appreciated design brands hermes throw, are quite simply luxury redefined. And the same can be said of Sara Colombo. With her nuanced eye for European craftsmanship, decor, furniture and other unique design items, she has redefined interior luxury, raising the bar and paving the way for others.


NEST CASA, the brainchild of successful model and entrepreneur Sara Colombo, is the leading source for exceptional and quality European decoration for interior designers and the home. Their curated selection of luxury items cannot be found anywhere else.


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