Inflatable obstacle courses are gaining popularity at holiday events

Bounce Houses R Us unveils a massive collection to make festive parties even more fun

Bounce Houses R Us has presented a comprehensive collection of obstacle courses that have grown tremendously in popularity for holiday events.

Bounce Houses R Us is the go-to place for bouncy house rentals and party rentals among the people of Chicago and 32 surrounding suburbs. The family business is fully licensed and insured, which gives customers immediate peace of mind. Additionally, it makes constant efforts like security checks of its inventory to ensure that the quality of its shipments is not compromised at any point.

Bouncy Castles R Us

Over the years, with the needs of its customers in mind, Bounce Houses R Us has expanded its collection of party rentals that tick all the right boxes for them. Bouncy castles, water slides, concession machines are just a few of the options people can choose from. The company also gives its customers access to a wide range of chairs and tables, sno-cone machines, cotton candy machines and other options for truly successful parties.

And now as Obstacle courses are on everyone’s lipsthe company has offered many exciting options that will make any family, community or business event a huge success. These interactive obstacle bouncy castles can be chosen for teen or adult parties, after prom parties, college or church parties, school events and corporate gatherings in style. They will make any occasion shine by adding an extra dose of fun to them.

One of the reasons why Bouncy castles with obstacles are popular is that they are interactive and bring out the children in adults as well. From crawling through the obstacles to climbing walls and avoiding pop-up obstacles; there’s a fun and exciting challenge at every step of the way. And who doesn’t love an exciting challenge! They can lead to a competitive multiplayer experience or promote team spirit.

Cool options in the collection include:

  • 90′ Atomic Drop obstacle course is available to rent for $895.00

  • Atomic Rush 3 Part Inflatable Obstacle Course is another fun option for $995.00.

  • The 68′ Nuclear Vertical Rush obstacle course will be the highlight of the party and is available to rent for $995.00.

  • Night owls can choose a 30 foot obstacle course for only $325.00 or the 40 foot obstacle course for $425.00.

  • A 77 foot extreme obstacle course is available to rent for $695.00 and an inflatable circus obstacle course is $245.00.

At Bounce Houses R Us, customers can rent these fun options for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 6 hours. Not only has the company extremely simplified the booking process, but they also offer easy and convenient delivery and installation thanks to their team of experienced professionals. Customers can expect warm customer care, which adds to the appeal of the #1 obstacle course rental company this holiday season.

About Bounce Houses R Us

Bouncy Castles R Us has been offering high-quality bouncy castles and party rental equipment for a number of years. They stock the largest selection of party rentals, concession machines and other equipment at the best prices for Inflatable boats in Chicago and more than 32 Chicagoland suburbs.



Bouncy Castles R Us

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Bouncy Castles R Us

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