In Motion Physical Therapy expands video motion analysis services

In Motion Physical Therapy has announced plans to expand its Video Motion Analysis Services. The leading sports therapy clinic will now take care of many people suffering from a variety of physical problems.

Leading Clinic for Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy in motion, announced earlier this week that the company is expanding its video motion analysis services. According to experts at the clinic, the certified physiotherapist and his team focus on holistic physiotherapy, of which the video analysis service plays a large part. The advanced video motion analysis includes gait analysis, running analysis and scapular analysis. Identifying problems with any of these issues could indicate why the patient may be suffering from a range of physical problems.

In Motion Physical Therapy expands video motion analysis services

Whether after injuries or surgeries, many patients find it difficult to walk normally again. Video motion analysis of a person’s gait can help identify various problems. A board-certified physical therapist analyzes video of the person walking on a treadmill at the clinic to identify and detect movement disorders that contribute to pain. It should be said that video analysis is the most efficient way to identify potential problems and sources of pain.

Video motion analysis is also used to analyze a person walking. Whether an athlete is preparing for an upcoming race or trying to make a comeback from an injury, understanding their movement patterns is essential. In motion physiotherapy professionals Use a systematic process to analyze a person’s running technique in both real time and slow motion. The result is that the therapist can provide visual and verbal feedback that a runner needs to achieve their goals.

Scapula analysis helps determine why a patient may be complaining of shoulder pain. In fact, many patients with shoulder pain have scapular dyskinesia, which means that one or both of their shoulder blades are not positioned properly across their chest or are not moving properly. Usually, scapula problems occur in athletes such as tennis players or people with previous rotator cuff problems. Scapular plane video analysis helps to closely observe how the scapulae move during various functional tasks to find out which muscles are weak and need strengthening to restore normal movement. Although experienced doctors can analyze the problem without video, a video helps to document and closely monitor the problem.

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“Anyone who is concerned about not walking properly, one of their hands is not moving properly or has chronic pain should visit us. One of the first things we do is video motion analysis. Analysis can prove invaluable in identifying problems that would otherwise be very difficult to diagnose. That’s why we decided to further expand the service to cover all three of the most common reasons for pain and dysfunction,” said one of the therapists who work at In Motion Therapy.

she added “Video analysis is also faster because it doesn’t take as much time as regular or traditional analysis.”

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