How a Title IX Lawyer Can Help When You Are Accused of Sexual Harassment

If you are accused in a case of sexual harassment or assault, it is important to learn how to defend yourself. A Title IX Lawyer Gainsville will help you navigate the school’s investigation process and disciplinary hearing process, so you aren’t hurt.

A Title IX attorney is an experienced advocate who can help you through this difficult time in life. They are experts in both the legal and pragmatic aspects of a case and can help guide you through the entire process, starting with the initial investigation until the appeals stage if necessary.

Involvement as a Title IX Complaint

To file a claim, you must be actively involved in the school’s education program or activity, as defined by Title IX. This could mean attending classes, participating or living on campus.

The school must conduct an investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct. Title IX investigations generally last around 60 days. However it can take longer if many witnesses, complainants, or allegations are involved.

Investigators must be impartial in their investigations, and not rely on their supervisors or coworkers’ opinions. Investigators should not rely on their implicit biases and “gut feelings”.

A Title IX attorney will help you to ensure your rights are protected during the investigation, hearings, and in pursuing a claim for retaliation. This could be considered retaliation against someone who contacts you or your accuser following a Title IX complaint.

Your Rights at a Hearing

You should be allowed to share your side of the story if you are charged with sexual misconduct. This includes giving evidence and witness statements.

You should also have the right to cross-examine your accuser, and to obtain any statements that could be helpful in your defense. A good Title IX lawyer will prepare you for these crucial interviews and help you develop a strong, compelling defense to the accusations against you.

Your Attorney-Advisor Will Provide You with the Best Representation Available

A Title IX lawyer-advisor will be familiar with all of the specific procedures at your school and all of the federal and state laws that govern them. They will be able offer you the best representation to maximize your chances for a fair hearing.

The attorney-advisor works with you to ensure that all documentation is available and contact information for witnesses you wish to interview is correct. The attorney-advisor will ensure the investigation is completed on time and will communicate with the Title IX office at the school to ensure your rights are protected.

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