Even Mix is ​​expanding and updating the official YouTube video channel

Even Mix, the true maker of 3D mixing equipment, expands and updates the company’s official YouTube video channel. The new videos shared on the channel introduce mixers, features and usage.

Even MixTM, the company known for developing true 3D mixing devices and technologies, is expanding and updating the video uploads on its official YouTube channel. The latest videos are a great addition to the extensive playlists of the company’s previously uploaded product videos.

That latest videos on the channel a great help to people who are undecided about what kind of mixing equipment is needed for their specific needs. These videos demonstrate the mixing device and how it can be used interchangeably with the Even MixTM mixers. In addition to the application demonstrations, they also describe the differences that users can expect when mixing with pneumatic or electric drive. Another recent video helps viewers by discussing in detail the critical issue of selecting the appropriate mixer for a specific application.

Even Mix – Tote & Drum Mixer

The current playlist on the channel covers a wide range of product mixing topics. These playlists include videos on FAQs, the industries Even MixTM serves, blending innovation products, description and assembly of hand sanitizer stands, the Even Mix™ IBC agitators and mixers, and pinless blending blade technology. All playlists contain informative videos that introduce viewers to these products and how to use them for optimal results.

Visit the company’s official website at https://evenmix.com/ to learn more about all mixing technology and equipment developed by Even MixTM. The site also links to videos showing the equipment in action.

A company representative explained why the company puts so much effort into creating and updating the video content for its mixers, saying: “We believe in the efficiency of our products. We have manufactured a variety of blenders to meet the needs of every industry and consumer base. However, choosing the right blender can be confusing for a layperson when faced with so many options. Our videos demonstrate the mixer products in action with detailed information on their features, how they work and explain which mixers are best for which industry.”

About Even MixTM

Even mixTM is best known for using the latest technology and aerospace engineering to build pump technology and state-of-the-art variable pitch blades that offer true mixing technology. The mixing blades eliminate the need for a pin when installed and the blades can be used underneath. This also means that the paddles or mixers can be used in both plastic and linear drums.


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